About Us

Why Sip and Gogh?

The primary idea of setting up the studio came about over a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, one rainy evening of August 2012. We, the people behind the business, have been friends ever since we can remember, that we never get tired of sharing our experiences that often involved travel, sampling of wines and learning about interesting cultures. All of these served as our inspiration of setting up the premier paint and sip studio in the country that combines our mutual appreciation of our passion for fine wine and good art.

Van Gogh’s fascinating life story and his astonishing masterpieces made us decide to partly name the business in his honor.

We don’t claim to be wine connoisseurs nor painting masters. We simply aspire to provide a cozy venue for those who want to explore their creative side while enjoying a good sip of choice beverages with fellow enthusiasts, family and friends.

We aim to create personal and collective experiences that promote creativity, self-development, and social bonding.

We hope that the times you spend in our studio will prove to be memorable and gratifying. Like Van Gogh, we want our guests to paint with their hearts and see beauty in all things. So come and share a sip with us as you discover your inner Van Gogh.